Interviewing Billie Jean King on stage at  TEDWomen

Interviewing Billie Jean King on stage at TEDWomen

I have had the good fortune to be friends with Billie Jean for long time. When she launched the Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative (BJKLI) to optimize her influence and power to address the gender leadership and participation gap across all sectors, I happily signed on as advisor.

As the organization says on its website, "BJKLI believes that every individual has the potential to lead. Throughout companies and organizations all over the world, leadership tends to be homogeneous, but if those in positions of power are not representative of our globalizing world, fresh ideas, diverse talent, and an inclusive work environment cannot prosper. The status quo is already shifting, as people of all backgrounds are being recognized and promoted for their varied skills, experiences, and viewpoints.  But more must be done.  At the BJKLI, we are working hard to reimagine the image of leadership not just in boardrooms and corner offices, but also at cubicles and desks around the world. Individuals must feel free and able to bring their authentic selves to work every single day.  We are creating a movement where diverse talent is promoted and celebrated, from the top down and the bottom up."  

That is certainly a movement I can get behind.