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Becoming a Dangerous Woman: Embracing Risk to Change the World

An intimate and inspiring memoir and call to action from Pat Mitchell — groundbreaking media icon, global advocate for women's rights, and co-founder and curator of TEDWomen 


About the Book

Raised in a small town in Georgia with no money or connections, Pat Mitchell went on to become a consummate media game-changer. She was the first woman president of PBS and of CNN productions, and also a visionary, award-winning TV and film producer, fully engaged on the front lines of cultural change. Pat Mitchell is a dangerous woman.

What makes Pat Mitchell dangerous is her lifelong insistence on redefining power on her terms, and in leveraging that power to manifest a better world. In Becoming a Dangerous Woman, she shares her own path to power, from a childhood spent on a cotton farm in the South to her unprecedented rise in media and global affairs.

Alongside revelatory interviews with other dangerous women, Mitchell takes us on a lively journey, sharing with readers intimate anecdotes about navigating the power paradigms of Washington DC and Hollywood, traveling to war zones with Eve Ensler and Glenn Close, pressing Fidel Castro into making a historic admission about the Cold War, and matching wits with Ted Turner and Robert Redford.

“Dangerous times call for dangerous women,”

Mitchell tells us, and in sharing her story, she encourages others to braver and bolder, to dismantle the barriers to full equality they see in their own lives, and to embrace risk to create a more equitable world.


"Becoming a Dangerous Woman illuminates the paths strong leaders take to tackle challenges and gain wisdom. By curating and amplifying the voices of women who have defied categorization, Pat Mitchell delivers a work that will encourage other women to find their dangerous sides." —Stacey Abrams

"I can think of no woman who does more to move other women forward. From creating and providing platforms for women to share their voices, to making sure women are hired on the job, to insisting women are front and center in the media, to sharing, mentoring, networking, and always highlighting the best in us. Her life and being is a true lesson in sisterhood." —Eve Ensler

"Pat has been the connector, the spark plug, and the strategist behind more important women's events and forums than seems possible." —Jane Fonda

"Becoming a Dangerous Woman is an irresistible handbook for women who want to be powerful and show up for other women—the way Pat Mitchell has her whole life. May it inspire the dangerous woman in all of us." —Ai-jen Poo, director of the National Workers Alliance and author of The Age of Dignity

"For decades, Pat Mitchell has been on the media frontlines as an uncompromising force for good. She has used her platform to document injustices in a societal system plagued by sexism, racism, and economic inequalities. To the powers that be who are allowing human rights abuses to be exploited and overlooked, Pat Mitchell is a very dangerous woman indeed. Pat makes being a dangerous woman a badge of honor, one that should be worn with pride." —Thandie Newton

“Pat is that most rare of leaders, one who is trusted by the decision makers as they now exist, and also by the future decision makers hoping to expand what exists." —Gloria Steinem