Christiane Amanpour on Truth in Journalism, Moral Courage and the Perils of False Equivalency

I’m at the Skoll World Forum this week in Oxford. The theme this year is “Accelerating Possibility” and, as always, the presentations, speakers, and panels are in equal parts sobering, thrilling, inspiring and motivating.

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing CNN Chief International Anchor Christiane Amanpour last night on the main stage. She talked about her career, and reflected on the importance of press freedom and the problem of false equivalency in journalism. "Objectivity does not mean neutrality. Truth does not mean neutrality," she told me. "My new motto is truthful not neutral."

"Bosnia taught me about truth, courage and journalism. We lost a lot of people there. I learned that moral courage is more difficult and important than physical courage."

The full video is above and below are some moments from our conversation.



— Pat